This App is a tool that can be used to gather personal health information in the event you are experiencing fever and cough in a context of coronavirus pandemic. It is intended to help collect and communicate information about a sick person to health professional.

This App doesn’t NOT replace a medical evaluation and/or diagnosis.

The user is entirely responsible for the quality and accuracy of the information provided to the app. It is possible that incorrect information can be entered into the app.

Depending on the answer the app might suggest potentially serious situations. However, the absence of those messages does not mean that there is nothing of concern.
(Ultimately) Only a clinical exam and sometimes additional tests by health professionals can provide a definitive answer on the health status of the user.

The authors have written the questions with the latest scientific data available as of this date (cf bibliography). Those data have been sourced in scientific publications for doctors and researchers, authors have adapted them for patients and their caretakers.

The app does not (archive or record or host) any data that could reveal the identity of the user, directly or indirectly. The user is the only one able to transmit or communicate information to third-parties.

This app and the questions are copyrighted and belong to their authors. They cannot be reproduced without their consent.